3 Tips To Help You Prevent Mold In Your Damp Basement

After a water damage restoration company finishes cleaning up flooding from your basement, you may want to find ways to reduce the chances of mold developing in this area of your home. When basements get wet, mold can easily form and grow, especially if you do not take the proper steps to prevent the mold from developing. Here are three things you may want to do to prevent mold in your basement.

Run fans and dehumidifiers

If your basement tends to be damp in general, there is a greater chance that mold will form at any time of the year. To reduce your risks, you should keep fans and a dehumidifier running at all times. The fans will dry out the area, and the dehumidifier will pull the moisture from the air.

Doing these things all year round will keep the moisture level under control, which will reduce the chances of mold forming. This will also keep the atmosphere in your basement more comfortable and will protect any of your belongings you store in this area of your home.

Check and repair any plumbing leaks

From time to time, you should also check your plumbing in the basement. This is typically easy to do because plumbing is often found in the ceiling of a basement, and it is usually exposed. If you routinely check your basement for leaks, you will be able to stop the problem before it escalates.

If you notice any type of leak, call a plumber right away to have the leaks fixed. As you inspect your plumbing, you may notice dripping water coming from the pipes. Water that drips from pipes doesn't necessarily indicate a leak; it could simply be happening from condensation.

Insulate exposed pipes

Condensation is a natural process that occurs when moist air lands on cold pipes. Many people refer to this as sweating of pipes, but the pipes are not actually sweating. This too can be a problem in basements, but you can fix it by insulating your pipes.

When you insulate your pipes, it covers them, which typically stops the process of condensation. If the moist air cannot reach the cold pipes, the formation of water on the pipes will not occur.

If you take the right steps in your basement, you may be able to prevent mold from forming. If you already have mold in your basement, or if you are trying to get rid of the moisture problem you have, contact a contractor that specializes in water damage and restoration.

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