3 Tips For Keeping Water Out Of Your Home's Crawlspace

While the crawlspace of your home might be difficult for you to get into, it is very easy for water to start filling it up. Once water gets into your crawlspace, it is going to start negatively affecting your foundation. For this reason, it is beneficial to know how to keep the water out as much as possible. While you will never be able to stop all the flooding, there are practical tips you can use to minimize the exposure of water to your crawlspace.  

1. Divert the Moving Ground Water

Ground water will move anywhere it can. If that means into your crawlspace, it will go there. The solution to this problem is to divert the water and give it somewhere else to go. You can do this by digging trenches and giving the water an alternative path to take.

You will need to observe the direction the water travels to figure out where to dig your trenches to divert the water. The goal is to divert the water around your home and back to a natural source such as a creek, lake, or pond.

You'll need to work out where the water is traveling from and where it needs to go. The idea is to divert it around your home, back onto its natural path to the ocean or sea.

Ask the Builder recommends digging a trench 4 to 6 feet away from the foundation walls of your home and place it on three sides at least. Surrounding all four walls will protect the home from unexpected water.

2. Waterproofing the Home

A sump pump is a great way to waterproof the home. Any water that does get in can easily be pumped back out of the house with the sump pump. The pump should direct the water back out of the house on a natural path to a lake, pond, or creek.

3. Use a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are great options when it comes to keeping the moisture out of damp-prone sections of the home. Place a dehumidifier in the area to improve ventilation.

You will never be able to stop all the water from getting into your crawlspace. Thanks to Mother Nature, there will be times where your crawlspace just floods. These tips are intended to help keep smaller amounts of water out of your home. By doing what you can to limit your crawlspace's exposure to water, you can prevent yourself from having to pay a hefty repair bill when the water causes damage to your foundation. For further assistance, contact local water removal professionals.