Cleaning Up Your Basement If A Nearby River Floods Into Your Home

If you live next to a river, and waters recently have seeped into your basement due to rising levels, you will need to take immediate action in having moisture eliminated to save your structure's stability and your personal items. Dealing with a flood can be a nerve-wracking time, but by following these steps, water can be eradicated promptly and cleaning can be begun to minimize the loss of belongings. Here are some tips to use immediately after water gets into your home from a flooding river.

Call For Water Extraction Right Away

As soon as you notice water getting inside of your home, it is extremely important to call a professional service to come to your aid. Failing to call for help right away can lead to your name being put on a waiting list should others in your area be in the same predicament. The company you contact will bring high-powered vacuums and pumping equipment to remove water from your basement at a fast rate, minimizing the chance of your walls, flooring, and personal effects becoming damaged from prolonged moisture containment. If you are on a waiting list, you will need to scoop out water on your own with buckets or a shop vacuum. Make sure to cover all exposed skin during this process and dump out water in an area lower than your foundation level so it does not get back into your home.

Dry The Basement In Its Entirety

After water is removed from your basement, there will be a need to dry it in its entirety to help keep the chance of mold growth at a minimum. Use oscillating fans along with dehumidifying units to dry up saturation quickly. The windows and doors to the basement can be kept open if the humidity level of the air outdoors is low. The cross-ventilation will speed up the drying time.

Clean All Affected Spots To Minimize Mold Growth

It is extremely important that each area touched by the river water is cleaned appropriately. Since river water is known to have mold spores present within its composition, a bleach-based cleaner will need to be used to kill spores effectively. Scrub down walls, floors, and personal items so mold growth is less likely. Rip up carpeting and replace it or have it cleaned professionally as wet carpet is a magnet for mold growth. Drywall that had become wet is also prone to growth of harmful black mold, making it necessary to replace it if it has become wet when flood water came into the basement.

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