5 Things You Can Do To Expedite The Water Damage Restoration Process

When your business is hit by a burst pipe or flooding from a nearby natural water source, you need to go into protection mode. The faster you react to the water damage, the better chance your business has of making it through this ordeal. 

Thing #1: Figure Out Where the Water Is Coming From

First, you need to figure out where the water is coming from. Is it coming from a burst pipe inside of your building? Did your boiler explode? Is flood water coming in from outside into your business? Being able to identify the source of the floodwater will help you take steps to protect your business.

Thing #2: Know How to Turn Off the Water

If the water is coming from a damaged water pipe, you need to know how to turn off the water quickly, so you can minimize damage. You should know where all your water shutoffs are for different water outlets, as well as the main water outlet for your space. Being able to quickly turn off the water is important.

Thing #3: Know How to Turn off Your Power

Next, you need to know how to turn off the power to your building. Water and power do not mix, so if you even think water has come into contact with your electrical fixtures or electrical box, you need to turn off the power as quickly as possible. You should know where your circuit breaker box, meter panel, and electrical box are all located so you can turn them off as quickly as possible.

Thing #4: Be Aware of Hazards

Fourth, it is important to be aware of the specific hazards that are present in your building. Do you have any lead paint in your building? Is there any asbestos in your building? Do you store hazardous chemicals in your building? If there are any building materials or chemicals that could be hazardous, make sure you protect your body and alert anyone else who helps you with the water damage to protect themselves.

Thing #5: Move Valuables

Once you have taken steps to prevent the spread of water, it is time to focus on moving any valuable items. First, focus on moving items such as electronics that can easily be ruined by water. Then focus on moving any documents and artwork. After that, focus on large items you want to save.

If your business experiences water damage, work to identify where the water is coming from, stop the water, turn off your electricity, watch out for hazards, and protect valuable items. Then, you need to call up a water damage restoration team to get you started.