Cleaning Up Your Basement If A Nearby River Floods Into Your Home

If you live next to a river, and waters recently have seeped into your basement due to rising levels, you will need to take immediate action in having moisture eliminated to save your structure's stability and your personal items. Dealing with a flood can be a nerve-wracking time, but by following these steps, water can be eradicated promptly and cleaning can be begun to minimize the loss of belongings. Here are some tips to use immediately after water gets into your home from a flooding river.

3 Tips For Keeping Water Out Of Your Home's Crawlspace

While the crawlspace of your home might be difficult for you to get into, it is very easy for water to start filling it up. Once water gets into your crawlspace, it is going to start negatively affecting your foundation. For this reason, it is beneficial to know how to keep the water out as much as possible. While you will never be able to stop all the flooding, there are practical tips you can use to minimize the exposure of water to your crawlspace.