Removing Water Damage Smells From Your Home After Repairs

Water damage is difficult to undo, but it can be done. When you have a water damage restoration crew come in and make the repairs for you, you know that the job has been done right and any smells that remain in the home aren't caused by more damage hidden behind the walls. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you remove the odors that remain even after the repairs have been made.

4 Problems With Exterior Leaks And Dealing With The Mold They Cause

Mold growth in your home can be destructive and a serious health hazard. Leaks that go unnoticed are the main cause of mold in homes. As moisture gets trapped in areas like wall cavities, attics or beneath foundations, it creates the perfect conditions for mold growth. These problems are often in areas like exterior flashing for a deck, leaks around windows or due to problems with plumbing. Here are some of the leak problems that you will want to look for and what to do if there is mold growth: